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Your COVID-19 Solution

Bipolar Ionization


bipolar ionization

GPS Products

At Atlantic Air Cleaning Specialist Ltd, we offer an array of GPS products that help in indoor air purification. Better indoor air quality helps in avoiding the spread of disease. Our products and services are available to commercial and industrial customers in the Atlantic provinces. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Global plasma solutions

GPS Units Help Your Air In 4 ways:


Pathogen Reduction

During the GPS cleaning process the NPBI technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens, leaving them to die, and leaving you with clean and healthy indoor air. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) tested with 99.4% rate of reduction over 30min



Particle Reduction

The GPS NPBI technology reduces airborne particles (i.e., dust, pet dander, pollen) through agglomeration. The ions attach to the airborne particles. The particles are subsequently attracted to one another, effectively increasing their mass and size. The air filtration system easily captures the larger particles, increasing the capture efficiency of your unit  or HVAC system.



Odor Reduction

During the GPS cleaning process chemical, pet, cooking, and other odors are broken down into basic harmless compounds, leaving the indoor air fresh smelling and free of odor causing VOCs.



Energy Saving

GPS’ environmentally friendly cleaning process allows commercial buildings to significantly reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. This equates to a safer, more comfortable environment that requires up to 30% less energy to condition.



cold plasma

How it works

GPS’ NPBI technology works to safely clean the air inside industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The patented technology uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and - ions. As these ions travel with the air stream they attach to particles, pathogens and gas molecules. The ions help to agglomerate fine sub-micron particles, making them filterable. The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen. The ions breakdown harmful VOCs with an Electron Volt Potential under twelve (eV<12) into harmless compounds like O2, CO2, N2, and H2O. The ions produced travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel, even in spaces unseen


Pathogens Killed

Portable Units for Your Convenience 

We have 3 Models to choose from:

Fixed hung unit

- ION-FXVirus Killer (Left)

Portable units 




Please Click the links below for their brochures

Portable units

Performance Validation*

Sensitivity Testing

Sensitivity Testing

A petri dish containing a pathogen is placed underneath a laboratory hood. It is then monitored to assess the pathogen’s reactivity to NPBI over time. The controlled environment during this procedure allows for comparison across different types of pathogens.

Simulation Testing

Sensitivity Testing

Counts of airborne pathogens are taken before and after aerosolizing them into a sealed, unoccupied laboratory environmental room installed with NBPI technology. The larger space more closely resembles a real-world environment.

Field Testing

Sensitivity Testing

Measurements at actual customer locations can be compared in rooms with and without NPBI or the same room before vs. after NPBI. Measurement variables and test criteria are determined by the customer. Pathogen findings usually occur as part of the customers’ normal course of business. They are not introduced specifically for testing purposes.

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