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Atlantic Air Cleaning has been creating safe work environments for welders for twenty-five years. We work with our clients to better understand the materials, processes and production levels. These three factors help our design team to custom build solutions for their environment.

Contaminants within the welding industry can be toxic and harmful. Generally speaking, the fumes and by-products are small in size, which makes them difficult to capture, and thus more harmful to those exposed. The purpose of Weld Smoke Removal services is to ensure that workers, and the work environment are not damaged through contact with these contaminants. 

The removal of these contaminants can be accomplished through a variety of means, depending on the needs of your shop. Some of these means include:


Although it does not directly capture fumes or contaminants at the source, the process of containment ensures that contaminants are limited to the welding area, and away from the rest of the facility. This can be accomplished by using a partitioned area combined with the use of ventilation.


When containment and source capture aren't practical, Ambient Air Collection can be used to control contaminant concentration levels. This method works by drawing fumes and toxins away from the working area, and towards collection systems in which the fumes can be managed. This arrangement improves fume control, and helps reduce operating cost.


When possible, source capturing welding pollution is preferable. If the processes allow source capturing the smoke at the source it will keep the pollutants out of the breathing zone of the workers. This can be achieved a number of ways however the most popular are; weld satiation mounted hoods, portable and wall mounted extraction arms, cross draft booths and down draft tables.


Some welding processes do not allow you to capture the pollutants at the source. In these cases we must remove the pollutants from the air with general air cleaning. How this is accomplished depends on the scale of the work site and the cost of heating. In most cases the air can be filtered with 100% heat recovery using roof mounted electric static air cleaners.

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