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Dust Collection

Atlantic Air Cleaning has extensive knowledge on how to properly improve air quality from the use of dust collectors. Our services provided a full system of products that work together to give our customers a complete clean air package. Our years of experience in this field have made us proficient in designing systems that are tailored to our customers needs.
AACS design smoke, mist and dust collection systems based on The Three C's - Capture , Conveying and Collection. Good hood design, duct design, dust collector filter and cleaning technology are critical to ensure cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

General air cleaning
General air cleaning with 100% heat recovery can be accomplished with three types of filtering methods - industrial electrostatic precipitators with manual or water and detergent cleaning systems; media self contained air cleaners with replaceable filters and automatic self cleaning dust collectors with bags or cartridge filters. Numerous smaller wall or ceiling suspended units can be used or a larger outdoor/ indoor unit that is ducted with supply and exhaust grills.

Dust collectors vary widely in design, operation and construction. Each type has its own advantages. Atlantic Air cleaning will provided you with the right recommendations for your project. Our decision is based on the following criteria; dust concentration and particle size, degree of dust collection, characteristics of airstream, characteristics of dust, and methods of disposal.

The Design of our systems includes everything you need to be completely operational. Every step of collecting the media is taken into consideration and designed with the latest practices. Our decision is based on the following criteria. Concentration of dust, KST value of dust for prevention of explosions, particle shape and size, moisture content, type of dust and disposal. Capital cost of equipment, installation and operating costs including energy, compressed air usage and filter replacement frequency are evaluated. Our designs include the following:

-Custom Hoods for source capture
-Air born mist collectors
-Blast gates
-Quick connect duct (installs in half the time of regular duct)
-Complete in line fire suppression systems & design
-Back draft dampers & abort dampers
-Spark detection
-Spark arrestors
-Explosion relief vents

-Clean Air Centrifugal Fans
-Material Handling Centrifugal Fans
-High Capactity Fans
-Clean Air Axial Fans
-Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Fans

-Dust Collectors
-Cartridge collectors
-Bag houses

-Product recovery
-Drop out bins
-Pneumatic conveying

Products we have filtered:
Wood dust, cement dust, cardboard dust, iron oar dust, plastic dust, pharmaceutical product dust, glass dust, paint dust and fumes, liquid coolant mist, welding smoke, Arc air gouging smoke, plastics forms smoke, tea dust, fiberglass dust and fumes.

Our Work


Bedford Ready Mix

Berwick Belfab Dust Collector 

Bridgetown Belfab Dust Collector 

Central Kings Belfab Dust Collector 

Chedabucto Belfab Dust Collector 

Chester Middle School Belfab Dust Collector 

Citadel High School

Day and Ross Freight

DND Dust Hog

DOT Sydney River

Drumlin Heights Belfab Dust Collector 

Fix Auto Booth Saint John

IMP Airport

Import Tools

Jamestown Lumber

Liverpool Belfab Dust Collector 

MacDonald Applicators

Maple Grove Belfab Dust Collector 

Maritime Paper


Middleton Belfab Dust Collector 

Moulding Warehouse

NB Fafard Peat Moss

NB GE Barbours

NB GE Barbours (II)

NB General Electric

New Glascow School Belfab Dust Collector 

Oregan Automall Hyundai Eurovac

Oregan Automall Nissan Eurovac

Oregan Toyota Collision Center Eurovac

Parkview Belfab Dust Collector 

Saint Mary's Belfab Dust Collector 

Schurman Concrete

Skretting Eurovac 

South Queen's Belfab Dust Collector 

Springhill Penetentiary

Surrette Battery

Theriault Ship Building

Trecan Dustcat

Webster Brothers Paving Dustcat

West King's Belfab Dust Collector