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Cleanrooms create and maintain completely controlled clean environments, typically with positive air pressure. Our fabric Cleanroom enclosures range from non-spec’d “E” or environmental rooms (also known as white rooms or grey rooms) to fully specified class 100, 1000, 10 000, or 100 000 air cleanliness. Modular in design and custom-designed to meet your specific material handling and process specifications, Soper’s SoftWall fabric Cleanroom enclosures are easily integrated with third party fan and filter modules.


  • Assembly stations

  • Packaging booths

  • Controlled processes

  • Paint rooms

  • Inspection booths


  • Create and maintain completely controlled clean environments

  • Reduce defects

  • Eliminate dust and other airborne contaminants

  • Easy to install, dismantle, and relocate


  • Manufactured of clear view polyvinylchloride (PVC)

  • Anti-static, high temperature, chemical resistant materials available

  • Rugged, anodized aluminium frame system

  • Modular design enables multiple configurations

  • Completely self-supporting or suspended from existing overhead structure

  • Increase cleanroom classification by using drop-in HEPA filter units

  • Electrical add-on options include: plug-in receptacles, variable speed controls, light switches, central raceway/multiple pin main line connectors

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