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autobody shops


Our new product offering covers the needs of a body shop. Not exclusive to but including paint booths, high vacuum systems, curtains, frame straighteners, welders, vehicle exhaust removal and general air cleaning.

Here are a few of the manufacturing solutions we offer:


The auto body shop industry is constantly changing. With newer and safer automobiles come new challenges for the mechanics who fix those automobiles.


Atlantic Air Cleaning has some of the most advanced body shop equipment needed to do repairs on modern automobiles.

We sell, train, install and service the following:

  • Resistant Spot Welders

  • Pulse Mig Welders

  • 3D Measuring Equipment

  • Frame Machines - both Conventional and Filtering 

  • Paint Booths

  • Prep Environments

  • Curtains

  • Air Compressors

  • Bernard Air Cleaning 

  • Aluminum Repair Tools

  • Aluminum Rivet Guns

  • Aluminum Dent Pulling

  • Pulling Accessories

  • Revo Infrared Drying

Watch an overview of Electric IR Curing Systems

Market Applications

Any additional questions about our air cleaning solutions?

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