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Soft wall enclosures serve to stop the spread of paint, solvent, or chemicals which pervade through the air in the automobile repair industry, as well as other niche markets. 

Soft wall enclosures are an industrial solution that is practical, cheap, and extremely effective. They provide semi-permanent divisions to your space or business, while providing an effective seal against the spread of harmful chemicals, paints or solvents. These Soft Wall Enclosures are inexpensive in comparison which rigid walls, while also being more manipulatable. 

These enclosures aren't just economical though, they can provide numerous benefits: less dust, fumes and airborne particulate, improved employee health and safety, and even increased productivity.

Softwall Enclosures start with a basic frame, but you may choose to add a number of options: lights, windows, and front curtain panels can all be added.

The effectiveness of softwall enclosures isn't limited to just the auto repair industry. The list of applications for this product includes: grinding, work stations, welding, sand or soda blasting, chemical stripping, blackout inspection, fabricating cells, assembly areas, and of course paint rooms.

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