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The design of our systems includes everything you need to be completely operational. Every step of collecting the media is taken into consideration and designed with the latest practices. Our decision is based on the following criteria: Concentration of dust, KST value of dust for prevention of explosions, particle shape and size, moisture content, type of dust and disposal.

Our cartridge dust collector designs will effectively remove dust, weld fume and smoke from your manufacturing processes. Our collectors are some of the most energy-efficient collectors. Using a patented filter cleaning technology that cleans the entire length of the cartridge, minimizing the amount of pulsing necessary, thus reducing compressed air costs. 

Filter life is also extended with our dust collector through the combination of its advanced filter cleaning system and the use of Nanofiber cartridge filters. Classified as "surface-loading filters," cartridges collect particulate on an exterior filter coating before it becomes deeply embedded and hard to remove. So when the unit pulses to clean the filters, dust is easily knocked off and less stress is applied to the filter.


Whether meeting new environmental compliance or safety requirements or upgrading existing equipment, we can configure an optimal dust collection solution ideally suited to your application, process, facility requirements and budget. Our cartridge dust collectors come standard with the industry-leading ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filters for more efficient and effective collection of dust emissions and capture of submicron airborne pollutant particles. The patented pulse cleaning technology used in our cartridge dust collectors provides optimized cleaning power to most effectively pulse off dust from the filter resulting in increased pulse cleaning energy, lower pressure drop, longer cartridge filter life and energy savings.


The SFC Series downward flow cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial manufacturing processes. With its patented pulse cleaning technology, greater air capacity and quick and easy maintenance, there's no better air filtration method for your manufacturing facility. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these high-performance, energy efficient cartridge dust collectors are expandable in the field to meet increased capacity needs at any time due to their modular design.

SFC Series Cartridge Dust Collectors


The W Series portable welding fume extractors and wall-mount weld fume collectors are designed specifically for the extraction and collection of submicron weld fume contaminants at the source to protect your workers from exposure to hazardous fumes. The W Series superior performance is achieved through the combination of 875 CFM and the use of our proprietary ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filter which has a special blend of fire retardant media specifically designed for welding applications. As a result, our weld fume collectors draw in the tiniest, most harmful particles and trap them within the filter to prevent re-entrainment into your facility. The result is a cleaner and safer work environment.

W Series Welding Fume Extractors / Weld Fume Collectors


The MCB Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove fine airborne dusts while providing workers space for unrestricted movement to perform industrial processes. This completely self-contained system provides high-filtration efficiency, freedom from source capture obstructions and easy maintenance. Offering versatile configurations, the MCB cross-ventilation cartridge dust collector is available as 3 foot , 6 foot, or 9 foot modules that can be used alone or in combination with a containment booth. Ideal for a variety of finishing operations including grinding, sanding, abrasive blasting and more.

MCB Series Cross-Ventilation Cartridge Dust Collectors


The SDB is a heavy-duty downdraft bench cartridge dust collector which offers a large work surface, high-capacity dust drawers and a downdraft velocity up to 200 fpm. It is typically used for grinding, polishing, hand sanding and dry buffing processes. The SDB downdraft bench can support 75 pounds per square foot on its 80 inch wide and 50 inch deep work surface.

SDB Downdraft Bench Cartridge Dust Collectors


SCA and SCB cartridge dust collectors capture hazardous contaminants from a variety of applications including welding, bulk powder handling, grinding, paper dust, carbon black and more. Installed above the plant floor, these ceiling-mount units ensure clean air without taking up valuable factory floor space. This cartridge collector is available in two models: ambient air collection (SCA) and source capture (SCB). The SCA model is ideal for applications where source capture is impractical. The SCB model is the perfect choice for applications requiring dust and smoke removal right at the source featuring two lighweight, counterbalanced swing arms.

Models SCA and SCB Cartridge Dust Collectors


The V Series versatile and portable dust collectors eliminate dust, smoke and powders from a variety of manufacturing operations. Available in three configurations, these economical cartridge dust collectors serve as a portable source capture system used in applications where hoods are impractical (Model VP), a downdraft bench that provides an integrated collection area and work surface (model VB) or small, self-contained ducted system for capturing dust at the source (model VF). Installation for each is simple, requiring an electrical connection and a compressed air connection for the in-place cleaning option. Each model is available in a choice of two compact, low-profile sizes: 750 CFM or 1,500 CFM.

V Series Versatile / Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors

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